Legal and data protection information

You, the User, by using the website (henceforth: “Website”), accept the provisions of this Legal and Data Protection Information and you consider them to be binding on yourself.

1. User: the person utilising the services of the website operated by the data manager, who purchased or intends to purchase, or would like to get more detailed information on the Website;
2. Personal data: data relating to the concerned party – especially the concerned party’s name, identification mark, or knowledge regarding the concerned party’s any physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity - and any inference that can be drawn based on this data about the concerned party;
3. Consent: a voluntary and definite declaration of Users’ intent, based on appropriate provision of information, by which they unambiguously approve the management of personal data concerning them – in full or only relating to certain operations;
4. Objection: Users’ declaration criticizing the management of their personal data and requesting the termination of data management and erasing of their personal data;
5. Data manager: the natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality, who or which determines the goal of data management, reaches and executes the decisions regarding the data management (including the tools used), or requests an assigned data processor to execute them;
6. Data management: any operation or set of operations performed upon personal data, regardless of the applied procedure, such as collection, entering, recording, sorting, storage, modification, usage, transfer, publication, alignment or linking, blocking, erasure or destruction of data, and the prevention of further use of data;
7. Data transfer: if the data manager or another person makes the data available to a particular third person;
8. Third person: a natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality, who or which is not identical with the User, data manager or the data processor;
9. Data procession: the completion of technical tasks concerning data management operations, regardless of the applied method or tool, or the location of the application;
10. Data processor: a natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality, who or which processes personal data upon the request of the data manager;
11. Data erasure: rendering data unrecognisable in a way that their restoration will be no longer possible.


This Legal and data protection information determines the rules for using and storing data (henceforth: “Data Management”) provided during purchases and/or contact on the Website. While managing data, Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (henceforth: “Information Act”) and other effective Hungarian legislation on data management present the guiding legal principles.


The book of Tibor Duray (Péter Molnos: Duray) can only be ordered directly from the publisher (BDO Hungary Vagyonkezelő és Szolgáltató Kft, headquarters: 1103 Budapest, Kőér utca 2 / A.). Please provide your contact details so that our staff can contact you. The book is available in Hungarian or English. The price of a book is 20.000, -Ft, which includes 5% VAT.


BDO Magyarország Ltd., as the operator of the Website (henceforth: “Data manager”) respects and securely protects your personal data. You as the User acknowledge that data provision is voluntary, and your consent was granted of voluntarily and for an undetermined time period with the knowledge that it can be revoked in writing at any time. When visiting the website, particular content is automatically generated on the web server hosting the Website (e.g. the visitor’s IP address, the date of visit, and the type of the web browser and operating system used). These data are solely used to monitor the traffic of the Website and to determine the visiting practices of our Users for the sake of further developments. These data will not be used for purposes different from those specified above.


Personal data can only be managed if the concerned party voluntarily grants their consent, or if an act or – by the authority provided by law, in the defined area – a decree by a local authority officially orders this in the public interest.
The legal basis for data management is the voluntary consent of the User.


BDO Magyarország is entitled to manage, store and process data.
Registration number: NAIH-65012/2013

Data of BDO:
Company name: BDO Magyarország Vagyonkezelő és Szolgáltató Ltd.
Company seat: 1103 Budapest, Kőér utca 2/A
Contact: Accounting department
Commercial register number: Cg.01-09-865069
Tax number: 13627289-4-43


The goal of the Data manager, as the Website operator, is to provide those interested with information on the Website about the oeuvre of Munkácsy award winning painter, Tibor Duray (born: Budapest, 21st January 1912) and about the clothing collection named DURAY brand, inspired by the works of Tibor Duray. Moreover, in case of any questions regarding the subject, the Dara manager aims to supply the requested information to the best of its knowledge and opportunity, furthermore to operate mail order and online trading services concerning the clothing collection to the visitors of the Website. Our goal is to provide our present and future customers a service as high quality as possible, and we will use these data, to operate the Data manager effectively, solely for the purposes of improving these services and to sell our products. The Data Manager at the request of the User will contact the Users to provide useful and goal-specific information for them.


The Data Manager will manage the provided User data as long as the User utilises the specific services. If the User requests the erasure of their data, the data manager will not manage his or her data following unsubscribing. In other cases the Data Manager will keep the given data as long as it wishes to supply information about the products and services provided, and as long as there is any kind of enforceable claim concerning the contract. You have the possibility to revoke your consent for data management regarding this data. However, we would like to inform you that in certain cases specified by law the Data Manager is entitled to manage personal data even after revocation. According to the Act on Accounting, data concerning accounting documents must be retained for 8 years.


Data Manager uses external data processors for the maintenance and development of the Website, performing certain data processing actions or to complete purchases.

External data processors:
a) FIT Solutions Kft. (address: Móra street 49., Szeged 6725, Hungary email:
FIT Solutions Kft. is responsible for maintaining and developing the website and also they perform certain data processing actions such as store or delete data.

b) Google LLC (address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA)
Data Manager uses web analytic service (`Google Analytics´) provided by Google LLC for statistic purposes and use these informations to improve it's Website to provide a better user experience.

Google Analytics logs various kind of informations about the User such as:
- from which website does he or she come
- which operation system does he or she use
- for how long does he or she stay on the specific pages of the Website
- what screen resolution and color depth does he or she use
All collected informations are anonymous and therefore the Provider is unable to identify the User's real name or other personal informations concerning him or her. However Google Analytics can detect whether the User visited the website before or not. Data collected this way are stored by Google LLC for 50 months.
Google Analytics saves small text files, so called `cookies´ to the User's computer in order to operate this functionality properly.

Google LLC is part of the `EU-USA Privacy Shield´ framework, which is guarantee that their privacy protection is adequate. More information:

Privacy Policy regarding the product `Google Analytics´ is available on Google LLC's webpage:

User can opt-out from Google Analytics any time. More information can be found here:

c) ONE Fashion Budapest Kft. (address: 1116 Budapest, Mezőkövesd street 8. Ground Floor. 1., e-mail:
Data Manager forwards data required for delivering to ONE Fashion Budapest Kft. in order to complete purchases.


The Data Manager is entitled to send online newsletter or other advertisement letter to the User, if the User has previously consented to this during order by providing appropriate data. The User has the right to revoke this consent at any time. In this case the Data Manager will no longer send further newsletters or advertisement letters to the User following the revocation and will delete the User’s data from the list of newsletter subscribed Users’ data.


The User may request from the Data manager at any time: information concerning the management of his/her personal data and the correction, erasure, or blocking of his/her personal data. Upon the User's request, the Data manager provides information regarding the concerned party’s managed personal data, their source, the goal, legal basis and the period of the data management, the data manager’s name, address and activity in relation to the data management and moreover – in case of transferring the concerned party’s personal data – concerning the legal basis and recipient of the data transfer. The Data manager is obliged to provide this information upon the User’s request in writing, in a comprehensible manner, as soon as possible after the submission of the request, but no later than within 30 calendar days. The Data manager can only withhold information from the User in the cases determined by the Information Act. In case of withholding information, the Data Manager notifies the User in writing about the provision of the Information Act on the basis of which the information was withheld. In case of withholding, the User can appeal to the court or the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22./c; telephone: +36 (1) 391 1400; e-mail address:; henceforth: “Authority”). If the personal data managed by the Data Manager is incorrect and the Data manager is beyond doubt in possession of the correct data, the Data manager corrects the data.
The Service provider erases personal data if:
- the management of personal data is against the law
- the User requests the erasure of personal data
- the personal data is incorrect or incomplete (and this situation cannot be remedied legally), as long as the Information Act does not exclude erasure
- the goal of data management has ended, or the deadline for data storage determined by law has expired
- this has been ordered by the court or the Authority.
Instead of erasure, the Data manager blocks personal data if the User requests this or if based on the information available it can be assumed that the erasure would violate the User’s rightful interests. Personal data blocked like this can be managed only until the data management goal which excluded the erasure of data persists. The Data manager marks the managed personal data if the User contests its accuracy or correctness, but the contested personal data’s incorrectness or inaccuracy cannot be determined beyond doubt. The Data manager notifies the User and everyone to whom the data was previously transferred to for data management purposes, about any correction, blocking, marking or erasure. This notification can be omitted if this does not violate the rightful interests of the concerned party considering the data management’s goal. If the Data manager does not fulfil the concerned party’s request for data correction, blocking or erasure, it informs the User about the factual and legal reasons of refusing the request concerning correction, blocking or erasure, within 30 calendar days after receiving the request. In case of refusing the request for correcting, blocking or erasure, the User can appeal to the court or the Authority.


Concerning any questions not regulated by this document, the guiding legal principles are the currently effective legal regulations of Hungary, especially the provisions of the Civil Code and Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information.



The content or any other published material displayed on the Website can only be copied and published in any form or used in other manner with the prior written consent of BDO Magyarország Vagyonkezelő és Szolgáltató Ltd.
All content and design of the website are under the protection of international and Hungarian law. Furthermore, it is forbidden to modify and republish information and articles originating from us in any form. We reserve all rights regarding the published material, and we will exercise these rights before court as well if required.


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BDO is the brand name of the BDO network and each of the BDO member companies.
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BDO Magyarország bears no risk, responsibility or liability in the event that a user does not obtain the necessary written permission to use the website’s content, as determined by BDO.


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