About us

Those who choose the pieces of the collection, they can take home (metaphorically) a small slice from the famous artist’s, Tibor Duray’s works. Wearers of DURAY clothes obtain unique pieces inspired by the artist’s designs.

The Hungarian fashion brand DURAY debuted in early 2017 with its spring-summer collection. The origin and inspiration of the brand was the art of the 20th century painter, graphic and sculptor Tibor Duray, this is how the brand’s name arose. The artist himself has gotten close to fashion as well, when working as a tailor for 7 years in his youth, but following cloth production it was in painting where he truly achieved self-fulfilment. His diverse creations in this field of art complete his life’s work.

DURAY women are whose lives are deeply permeated by a knowledge and love of various forms of art. They not only surround themselves with works of art but it is also a significant part of their self-expression. They are confident, refined, independent and successful, yet easy-going who enjoy life.

DURAY collections include pieces which can be easily varied and introduced into existing wardrobes. They can be readily worn during everyday life, but the careful observer can always discover special details, making the clothes exciting and differentiating them from the crowd.

However, when a DURAY woman wants to show her free, creative side to the world, she chooses pieces the collection’s colourful pieces, which are bold and playful, so their wearer cannot be ignored whether they are attending an elegant reception or walk past on a Mediterranean seaside promenade.

The first collection of the brand was inspired by the artist’s colourful glass window designs. These unique works of art decorate many important locations of Hungary. Such as the windows in Miklós tower of Hotel Hilton Budapest, found in Buda Castle, but he created the colourful windows of the urn hall in Debrecen as well.